GIS Analyst Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

A GIS analyst is an individual who is responsible for performing data management and doing field work as well as surveys. They also have to sometimes provide mapping data if requested to do so in a certain project. A GIS analyst usually works with GIS program and they provide technical and administrative assistance for that. It is very important that an individual applying for the position of a GIS analyst mentions in his resume his knowledge about GIS equipment, software and products.  A GIS analyst resume template is an ideal document that helps to draft their resume accurately.

Sample GIS Analyst Resume Template

Name of the applicant:

Residential address:

Phone number:

Mobile phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:


[specify the personal details of the applicant]

Career Objective:

To work in the position of a GIS analyst and apply my knowledge and make best use of my _____________________ [mention in details the skills that the individual wants to apply] for the benefit of the organization. I want to also use my ________________ [number of years] of work experience for the benefit of the organization.

Professional experience:

•           _____________________ [organization in which he is currently working] in the position of  a GIS analyst since ______________ [date of joining the organization] where my job functions are:





•           ___________________________ [organization in which he worked previously] as ______________ [designation in the organization] from ___________________ [date of joining the organization] till ____________________ [date of leaving the organization] where:




[specify all the job functions of the individual]

Educational qualification:

Name of the educational institution   Name of the degree or course Year of completion of the degree

  •             XXX                              XXXXX                               yyyy
  •             XXX                              XXXXX                               yyyy

Special achievements:




[list down all the possible achievements made by the individual  in his professional life]

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