Health Promotion Resume Template

By | November 8, 2012

A Health promotion candidate is one who works closely with department of health or an NGO that aims at imparting education to general public on health issues. Their primary responsibilities include educating and providing information to the selected community, update existing systems and innovating newer systems to impart knowledge on health, conduct training for programs assigned, support participants in health care camps etc.

The role of a health promotion candidate is very dynamic and required them to be very energetic and high-spirited at all times. The candidate should be willing to travel extensively and therefore should have a strong endurance. A sample health promotion resume template is given below for reference and use.

Sample Health Promotion Resume Template

Health Promotion CV Template

Name of the Applicant :

Address of the Applicant :

Contact Number of the Applicant :

E-mail address of the Applicant :

Personal Profile of The Applicant :

[The candidate should explain about the career goals and skills that are available with the candidate to support that role without any difficulty. The career objective should not be more than three lines as it will make it very drab for the employer to read a long career goal].

Educational Qualifications of the Applicant :

1)      Date of completion :                                    __________________

Name of the University :                              __________________

Subjects included in the course :                   __________________

Grades Obtained :                                          __________________

2)      Date of completion :                                    __________________

Name of the University :                              __________________

Subjects included in the course :                   __________________

Grades Obtained :                                          __________________

Work Experience of the Applicant :

Date of joining and service until :                              _________________

Company Name :                                                        _________________

Job Title :                                                                    _________________

Main responsibilities :                                                _________________

Interests of the Applicant :

[The applicant should give details of other interests such as playing games or traveling etc that are relevant to the position being applied for].

References of the Applicant :

References are available on request.

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