Healthcare Administrator Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A healthcare administrator is an individual whose work is to look after the administration of a healthcare facility or medical centre. He/she i s responsible for the day to day activities of the clinic or hospital such as managing supply, looking for overall cleanliness and distributing shifts etc. There are certain educational and other requirements which should be fulfilled by an individual who aspires to be a healthcare administrator. The following given healthcare administrator resume template will explain to you how to put down the qualifications in a resume document:

Sample Healthcare Administrator Resume Template:


Personal information: [use this part to fill in the relevant personal details]

Name of candidate:

Age of candidate:


phone number:

residential address:

email ID:

Work Objective:

I am an experienced individual with a degree in ____________[mention the relevant degree] who is looking for a job as a healthcare manager in a _____________[mention the desired work set up such as clinic, surgery centre, hospital etc] so as to pursue my goal of ________________[mention the goal].

Educational qualifications:

  • Bachelors in ____________ [mention the field of graduation] from ___________ [mention the college name] in the year___________ [mention the year of completion].
  • Post graduation in ________________ [mention name of subject] from _____________ [mention name of college] in the year _____________ [mention the year of completion].
  • _________________________ [specify the other educational details and qualifications with year].

Special interests and areas of expertise:

  • I have a keen interest in _____________ [mention area of interest].
  • I am a ______ and ___________person [mention the skills] who is capable of handling and managing ______________ [mention the capabilities].
  • I have extensive experience in _______________ [mention relevant information].

Professional work experience:

  • I was appointed by _____________ [mention name of medical institute or centre] for a period of ______ [mention time period] as a ______________ [mention post or job designation].
  • I also served as a _____________ [mention job designation] at _______________ [mention the employer’s name/medical centre.

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