Healthcare Manager Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A healthcare manager is an individual who is appointed by a medical or healthcare centre to look after its smooth functioning and for handling administrative duties. Healthcare managers may be appointed at surgery centers, rehabilitation centers, medical offices or nursing home but the basic structure of the duties and responsibilities remains the same. A healthcare manager resume template is a format which explains in detail how a resume of a healthcare manager must be framed. Given below is a sample of a healthcare manager resume template.

Sample Healthcare Manager Resume Template:

Healthcare Manager Resume


Date of birth:


Contact number:

Email address:


Statement of objective:

Looking for a job as a healthcare manager in a medical facility wherein i would be able to move towards my goal of _____________ [mention the goal or aim of the candidate] and help the facility benefit from my diverse experience in this field.

Academic background:

  • _________[year]-completed graduation in ___________[mention the subject or field] from ____________[mention name of college/university/institute]
  • _________ [year]-completed Post graduation in ______________ [mention the subject or field] from _____________ [mention name of college/university].
  • __________________________ [give details of other Academical courses etc.]

Previous professional experience:

  • I have gained _____years [mention number of years] of experience by working at ____________ [mention name of medical centre/company].
  • I have given my services to _____________ [mention name of company/medical centre] for a period of ____________years [mention number of years].
  • I have also worked at ______________ [mention name of medical facility] from _______to ____________ [indicate starting and terminating years of work].

Awards and recognitions:

  • I have been awarded as the ____________[mention title of award] by __________[mention from which person/institute award was received]
  • I have also been affiliated with ______________ [mention the details of the affiliation].

Skills and areas of interest:

  • I am _________ and ______________ [mention the skills and qualities of the individual].
  • ____________________________
  • ____________________________

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