Healthcare Recruiter Resume Template

By | November 14, 2012

A healthcare recruiter is a person who is responsible for the recruitment of health care professionals. The role of a healthcare recruiter starts with processes such as testing the candidates by their resume for prequalification, Conduct telephonic interviews to pre-qualified candidates, coordinate interview process etc. The healthcare recruiter should possess various skills such as good conversational skills, presentation and persuasion skills so that the candidates can be judged properly. Thus the resume of a healthcare recruiter should reflect the necessary skills in a clear point wise manner. The below given healthcare rectuiter resume template can be of great help to build a good resume.

Sample Healthcare Recruiter Resume Template

Curriculum Vitae

Name of the Applicant here

Address of the Applicant here :

Contact number of the Applicant here :

Email Address of the Applicant here :


I want to obtain the position of a healthcare recruiter which gives me an opportunity to maximize my skills and helps me grow steadily over a period of time.


  • Completed High school from _______[specify name of the school where studied] in the year _________[specify year of completion of high school].

Work Experience

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree in Science from _________[ specify name of the university] in the year ______[ specify year of completion of graduation].

Other skills

  • Specify the employment details that are most recent here where information such as name of the company, designation, job responsibilities, period of service etc should be specified.


  • The applicant should specify any other interests and hobbies that may define the character of a healthcare recruiter in a clear and objective manner.


References will be provided on professional request of the employer.

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