High School Student Resume Template

By | October 30, 2012

When someone wishes to enter into high school education, he or she has to necessarily furnish a high school student resume template. The high school student resume template will be handy for anyone who wishes to study at a high school after getting caught up with obligations.

The high school student resume should be amply formatted with references to skills and extracurricular activities in another school or even work references.

These references would have to be mentioned so that the candidates manage to secure admissions in good high schools. Here is a sample of the high school student resume.

High School Student Resume Template

John Hollander

Dutch Cake Street, Manhattan, New York,

New York, USA

Phone Number: 112 890 345

Email ID: johnhollanderisatholland@gmail.com 

Objective: To secure admission as a high school student at a high school and use personal knowledge and skills in performing academic achievements and other accomplishments.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Performed as captain of the major sports team in the school.
  • Performed diligently with educational achievements and won scholarships.
  • winning the Student of the Award honor from the institution.
  • Participated in inter-school literary and cultural events.
  • Participated in inter-school sports and extracurricular events and tournaments.
  • Winning national honors for sports and cultural activities and accomplishments
  • Skilled in communication and organizational skills

Career Experiences:

2006 To 2009: Worked as part-time salesman at Mom and Pop Store with the following work responsibilities:

  • Sales of products in the store
  • Writing correspondence letter and maintaining store records
  • showing the customers in the stores
  • learning about different product and product categories
  • Recording sales of products

2009 To Present: Worked as clerk at Shopper’s Point with the following responsibilities:

  • helping customers at shop with shopping
  • Ordering stocks and recording entries
  • Helping people at cash counter.

Education: 2003 To 2006: Diploma from Carolina School, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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