How to Make a Resume Template

By | November 14, 2012

A resume is a collective summary of the profile of a candidate. It varies according to the educational qualifications, work experience and skills possessed by the candidate. The primary aim of any resume is to draft it such a manner that it leaves a good impression on the prospective employer. This is possible only when a basic framework of creating a resume is available.

There are many resources that can be used to build a resume using a resume template. A resume template can help in changing one’s resume according to the job description or the employer specifications as and when need arises. There are certain basic principles that one should remember while building a resume template. Some of the essential things are enlisted here under:-

  • One should remember to organize the contents of the resume in the template in a clear and orderly manner.
  • Resume template should begin with personal information of the candidate which gives details of address, contact number and email address.
  • The second section of the resume template should contain educational background.
  • The third part is the work experience where the candidate should specify details related to previous employers, their job title and skills acquired on the job. This section should be drafted carefully as most of the employers finalize candidates on the basis of work experience.
  • The next section can be on the skills set possessed by the candidate that helps identify the strengths of the candidate.
  • Finally the candidate can add some additional information such as personal interest or hobbies, marital status or any other professional awards and achievements depending on the position being applied for.

Thus a resume template can help in modifying a resume in many ways to suit the requirements of a particular vacancy and according to the employer profile as well.

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