How to write a Good Resume Template

By | November 8, 2012

Today the job market is filled with more candidates and lesser jobs. This effectively means that there is very tough competition amongst the candidate for a specified position in a company. The only way to get success in employment is by writing a good resume. A good resume can be built within in no time and least efforts when a resume template is first drafted before filling in the contents.

A candidate should remember that a good resume template is one that looks organized, descriptive and to the point so that employer gets a fair idea about the candidate. There are certain important points that a candidate should keep in mind to build a good resume template as follows :

  • The resume template should be well structured in to a good table that makes it look neat and readable.
  • The format of the resume template should be one that is standard such as using a Times New Roman font and font size of more than ten to make it look attractive.
  • The profile of the candidate should be given in the very first paragraph so that employer is able to understand the career aims of the candidate and match it accordingly to the requirements of the position.
  • The candidate should lay emphasis on providing work experience and educational qualifications in a point wise manner so that it helps the employer read it quickly without having to search for these details in a resume.
  • A good resume template should be of appropriate length and include only those parts that the advertised position demands.

Thus a resume template which highlights the skills and accomplishments in a well designed manner can leave a good impression on the employer and enhance the chances of being hired even amongst the numerous candidates that apply for a particular position.

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