HR Assistant Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

An HR assistant is an individual working in the entry level position of the HR department and also acts as a link between the employee and the senior personnel’s in the HR department.  The HR assistant has to perform various tasks like evaluating the performance of the employee, maintaining data in regards to selection of an employee in the recruitment process and others.  An HR assistant resume template is a document to which an individual applying for the position of an HR assistant can refer to while drafting his resume.  The details mentioned in the template are the details that the person has to mention in his resume.

Sample HR Assistant Resume Template

Name of the applicant: __________

Date of birth of applicant: _____________

Address of the applicant: ____________________________

Cell phone number: ________

Landline number: __________

E mail id: ___________


I am looking forward to work in the position of an HR assistant in a reputed organization that will help me grow as a professional and also an individual. I want to apply my ___________________________ [mention in details the various skills that the applicant wants to apply]

Key Skill Sets:

•           Quick at learning things

•           Good communication and interpersonal skills

•           ________________________

•           ____________________________

[mention in details the various Skills and abilities of the applicant]

Educational qualification:

•           Bachelors in business management from ____________________ [name of the institute] in the year _________________ [year of completion of the degree

Previous work experience:

•           Worked in the position of an intern in the HR department of ________________ [name of the employer organization] from ______________ [joining date] to _____________ [leaving date]. My job functions were





[mention in details the job functions in the organization]

Hobbies: [ Here the candidate needs to mention about his hobbies and other interests]

  • Playing Cricket
  • Listening Music
  • __________________
  • _________________

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