Industrial Engineering Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Industrial engineering is that segment of engineering which deals with development, implementation and improvement of integrated systems thus optimizing complex processes. Any person who has graduated in this stream is known as an industrial engineer. Depending upon the field of work, industrial engineers are often also known as health management engineers, safety engineers, operations engineers etc.

An industrial engineering resume template is a fully detailed format or outline of a resume which is prepared by an industrial engineer to apply for a job. Given below is a sample.

Sample Industrial Engineering Resume Template:



Residential Address:

Phone Number:

Email address:

Seeking job position:

Career goal:

I wish to obtain a challenging and respected position of industrial engineer as I possess a strong background of working in established organization and wish to pursue __________ [mention the goal or aim of the applicant].

Educational details and qualifications:

  • Achieved Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering from ______ [mention the name of the college and the university] from year ___ to _____ [mention the respective years].
  • ______________ [mention the other qualifications or degrees acquired by the candidate].

Professional experience:

  • Have worked for _____________ [mention the name of the organization] from ______ to _____ [mention the starting and ending year] at the position of _________ [mention the job designation].





  • Have also worked as ___________ [mention job post] at __________ [mention name of company/organization].





Skills and qualifications:

  • I am a __________ land _____________ [mention the skills of the candidate] individual who has gained immense experience from working at the above said companies.
  • I can handle and manage ______________ [mention the areas of expertise of the individual] and can also _______________ [mention the other qualifications/skills].

Hobbies and interest:

  • ____________________________[mention the various hobbies or interests of the candidate]
  • ________________________
  • ________________________


_____________________________ [write down reference (if any)].

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