Insurance Adjuster Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Insurance Adjuster is required to assist his clients in evaluating the insurance claims and making the required adjustments. |It is essential to acquire a relevant degree in insurance if you are aiming for this position. Most employers prefer hiring candidates having relevant work experience. Insurance Adjuster Resume Template is designed to give you an idea about how the resume for this position should be framed to make it look impressive.

Sample Insurance Adjuster Resume Template

___________________ (Please specify your name here)

_____________ (Here you need to mention your mobile number)

__________________ (Please write your residential address)

My Aim

My aim is to work hard and give the best possible services to my clients. My dedication and sincerity would assist me in attaining professional success.

Key Skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • Complete knowledge about Insurance terms and processes
  • Good Time management skills

(You may use the key skills mentioned above if these match your skills else you may mention your own key skills)

Professional Experience

_________________________ (Give a summary of your professional experience mentioning about the positions you have worked at and the key responsibilities you have handled)

  • I am presently employed at _________________ (In the given space please write your employer’s name) at the position of ___________ (Here you are required to write the position you are handling here) since the ______________ (Here you are required to give the date of joining this organization).


___________________ (In this space please give a summary of your educational qualification)

  • I completed my Diploma in _________________ (Please write the subject in which you pursued the diploma) from ____________ (Please mention the name of the institute where you completed your Diploma from) in the year _____________ (Please specify the year of completion of diploma). My Key learning from this Diploma course was______________ (You may write about your key learning from this course).

(In the same format as above, you may write about any other degree or diploma course pursued by you)

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