Insurance Assistant Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Insurance Assistant is required to help the insurance team in carrying out various tasks. It is essential to have knowledge about the insurance policies and procedures in order to get into this position. Most employers prefer hiring candidates with relevant work experience. It is suggested to go through Insurance Assistant Resume Template while drafting resume for this position.

Sample Insurance Assistant Resume Template

__________________ (Please provide your name here)

__________________ (Here you are required to write your residential address)

__________________ (Here you need to write your mobile number)

__________________ (In this space please provide your alternate contact number)

__________________ (Here you need to give your email id)

Professional Goal

My goal is to utilize my knowledge and experience for handling the position of insurance assistant and growing further in this field.

My Strong Points

  • Thorough knowledge about the insurance processes
  • Good inter-personal skills
  • Ability to work as a part of a team and coordinate with others

(Here you need to write your strong points; you may choose from the ones mentioned above or write your own)

Professional Experience

  • ________________ (Here you are required to mention the name of the current company you are working with)

________________ (Specify the position that you hold in this company)

________________ (Please write down the date on which you had joined this


________________________________ (Mention some of the duties you need to

carry out here) are few of the tasks I have been assigned to perform here.

(You may mention about your previous employers mentioning the date of joining, relieving, the designation you held and the duties you performed at those positions in the same format as mentioned above).


____________________ (Here you need to mention the degree/ diploma pursued by you)

____________________ (Mention the name of the college/ institute where you completed this course from)

____________________ (Give the year of passing out)

My key learning from this course are ______________________________ (Please mention in brief as to what all you learned from this course)

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