Insurance Broker Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Insurance Broker acts as a bridge between the insurance company and the client. An insurance broker is required to have complete information related to the insurance policies of the company and stay updated with all the latest updates on the same. Insurance broker resume template is designed to give an idea about what all should be included in the resume prepared for this position.

Sample Insurance Broker Resume Template

______________ (Please write your name)

______________ (Please mention your residential address)

______________ (Here please write your mobile number)

______________ (Here please give your email id)


__________________________________ (Please give a summary of your qualification and also the work experience you hold)

Key Skills

  • Thorough knowledge about insurance processes
  • Ability to take quick decisions
  • Good inter personal skills

(Here you are required to write down the key skills you have; you may choose from the ones written above or write your own)

Education and Training

  • I completed my bachelor’s degree from ____________ (Name the college/ university you joined for pursuing bachelor’s degree) in the year ______________ (Please write the year in which you completed this degree in). My did my bachelor’s in _____________ (Please specify the subject in which you did your bachelor’s in)
  • I underwent a training program in ______________ (Specify as to what you attained the training in) in the year ________________ (Mention the year in which you attended the training program). I attended this training program at _____________ (Please specify the name of the institute from where you completed your training program).

Work Experience

  • I am presently employed at _________________ (Name the organization) at the position of _________________ (In the given blank specify your designation) since ___________ (Please specify the date when you joined here).

Main Job Duties

1 _____________

2 ____________

(Please give your main duties at this post)

(You may write about any other company you have worked with, in the same format as above)

________________ (Your Signature)

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