Insurance Claims Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Insurance Claims professional is required to review the insurance claims submitted by his clients and ensure that all the details are filled in appropriately. It is essential to have complete knowledge about the insurance processes and procedures in order to handle this position well. Insurance Claims Resume Template helps in understanding as to what all should be included in the resume prepared for this position.

Sample Insurance Claims Resume Template

_________________ (Please write your name here)

_________________ (Please give the address)

_________________ (Here you need to mention your mobile number)

_________________ (Here you need to write your email id)

Summary of Major Achievements

___________________________________ (Here you are required to give a summary of your major achievements; this may include the rewards and recognition received during your college and school level and also at work)


  • I have completed my High School diploma from _____________ (Name the high school you went to) in the year _____________ (Please write the year of attaining high school diploma). My major subjects during high school were ________________ (Please write the major subjects you studied while at high school)
  • I have completed a Diploma in ______________ (Please mention the subject in which you completed your diploma) in the year ______________ (Please write the year in which you attained this diploma) from _________________ (You need to give the name of the institute from where you attained this diploma)


  • I have been working with ________________ (Please name the organization) at the position of _________________ (Please mention the position you hold here) since the last ______________ (Here you need to mention the date on which you joined this organization). My major responsibilities at this position include _______________ (You need to write the major responsibilities undertaken by you at this position).

(You may mention about the experience of working in any other organization in the same format as above).

________________ (Give your signature here)

________________ (Please write the date here)

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