Internal Auditor Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Internal Auditor is required to conduct audits of different departments assigned to them and ensure that the work done by the staff members in those departments is as per the guidelines set by the company. One must have a good amount of experience in the related field and knowledge about the processes being followed in different departments. Internal Auditor Resume template is designed to provide an idea about what all should be written in the Internal Auditor Resume.

Sample Internal Auditor Resume Template

__________ (Mention your name here)

_____________________ (Here you need to write your mobile number)


__________________________ (Here you are required to write a brief about your qualification, experience and skills)

Career Objective:

______________________________________ (Give the recruiters a valid reason why they should consider you for this position; write as to how you are suitable for this post)


Name of High School ___________________ (Write the name of the high school)
Subjects ________________ (Here you need to write the subjects studied by you at High School)
Year of Passing ______________ (Write the year of passing from high school)


Name of the Institute __________________ (Write the institute’s name here)
Course pursued __________________ (Here you are required to write the course pursued by you)
Year of Passing _____________ (Here you need to write the year of passing)

Work Experience

Presently working at:

Name of the Company ______________ (Write the company’s name)
Designation ______________ (Write the designation you are working at)
Year of Passing ______________ (Here you need to write your date of joining)

Main Job Duties
______________________________ (Write the main job duties handled by you)

My Hobbies

  • Reading
  • Singing
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________

(Here the candidate has to mention his/her hobbies and interest)

Personal Details

_________________ (Here the you need to mention your alternate contact number)  _________________ (Here your date of birth is to be written) 
_________________ (Write your marital status here)  ________________ (Write your nationality here) 

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