Investment Banking Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A candidate seeking a job in investment banking field is one that deals in enormous financial transactions and advises the clients on risk and return of investment. The primary responsibilities fulfilled by investment banking candidate is to advise on stock options, create financial portfolio for clients and perform other related tasks. In order to obtain a good career position an investment banking resume plays a very important role and an impressive resume can be created with the help of an investment banking resume template as given in the example below.

Sample Investment Banking Resume Template


[The candidate should specify details of educational qualifications that include name of the

University/college, location of the university/college and title of the course undertaken in an objective manner here].

[Candidate Name should be written in this place]

[Candidate Address in this place] | Contact Number –
email address of the candidate –

CAREER STATEMENT                              

[The candidate should write a brief and clear career statement that shows the employer future career plans of the candidate]


[The skills and attributes of the candidate should be specified here as they are essential for hiring the right candidate for the job by the employers].

  • ______________
  • _____________
  • ____________


[The candidate should specify any affiliations in the investment banking sector that has been acquired here.]




Name of the organization

Place of work

Period  of Employment

[The candidate should specify details of employment along with the duties fulfilled in the particular position. This section will give a clear idea to the employer about the job responsibilities that can be assigned to the candidate if hired for the said position].

Primary duties on the job:

  • Provide a list of the primary duties assigned during employment


[The candidate should specify any of the hobbies such as sports, gardening, stamp collection etc here.]


References are available on request.

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