IT Administrator Resume Template

By | November 1, 2012

IT administrators are useful people for the companies and business organizations that rely primarily on sophisticated IT systems and databases. These are the people who have to control and supervise the IT systems being used.

An IT administrator is a person who will look into the problems of the IT systems and databases. He will also take the steps to correct the problems and snags. He also has to look after the different computer processors and make sure that they function efficiently.

A sample IT administrator resume template is one that will help the candidate to excel in his job front.

 IT Administrator Resume Template

James McCarthy

Heather Street, Graham Lane,

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Phone Number: 119 236 568

Email ID: 

Objective: To work as an IT administrator in a reputed software company or business organization and help in taking care of and solving problems related to the IT systems being used in the company.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled in performing duties and tasks with discipline and commitment
  • Skilled in being an active player in technical field
  • Knowledgeable about different computer scripts and processor systems
  • Qualified in providing customized customer services and comforts.
  • Skilled in satisfying customer needs and requirements.

Career Experiences:

2008 To Present: Worked as IT administrator at Wipro Software with the following work responsibilities:

  • In charge of updating and monitoring the IT user profiles.
  • Maintenance and management of servers and databases
  • Performing work in directory systems and accounts
  • Managing and supervising performance of backup software programs
  • providing services for software repairs and maintenance
  • Implementing change control procedures.
  • Meeting and interacting with IT system suppliers
  • Preparing and making reports for senior managers
  • Troubleshooting technical problems and system faults
  • providing technical support to end-users of the advanced software systems and programs

Education: 2005 To 2008: BSC in IT from Arizona State University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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