IT Consultant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

IT Consultant is a professional who helps companies fulfill their business needs through Information Technology products and services. The IT Consultant is primarily hired to generate discussion to decide upon the estimated cost, effort and preferable applications that should be invested in by a company on computer devices and software.

By highlighting their skills and knowledge in an IT Consultant resume template, employers can choose candidates who suit their required skill set to perform their jobs. It gives a platform to the interested candidates to provide their skills and expertise to be suitable for the job at hand. The following is a sample IT Consultant resume template.

Sample IT Consultant Resume Template


________________________ [Name of the candidate in Bold capital letters]

________________________ [Address line 1]

________________________ [Address line 2]

________________________ [Address line 3]

________________________ [Phone number]

________________________ [Official E-mail address]

________________________ [E.g. E-mail id:]


I would like to work as an IT Consultant in an organization. I would like to work in close coordination with people in the technical stream and functional stream along with database managers who would work together to understand the business requirements of the clients and work for the code development and delivery.


  • Total years of experience: ________________________
  • Total IT Consulting experience: ____________________
  • Type of industry working for: _____________________
  • Knowledge in tools like______________________________________ [Academic and job related knowledge]
  • Expertise in ________________________________________ [Application known or product worked on]


  • Company1: _______________  [Starting with the latest company]
  • From: ______________ To: _______________ [Duration of work in this company]
  • Position: _______________________________ [Latest position held in this company]
  • Responsibilities: _____________________________________________________ [job description for this designation in this company]

REFERENCES: ( This section provides the details of the references given by the candidate)

  • Reference Name1: ________________________

Designation: ___________________________________________

  • Reference Name2: ________________________

Designation: ___________________________________________

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