IT Manager Resume Template

By | October 30, 2012

IT is short for Information Technology. It is the most important component for business organizations and companies. Most firms rely on IT to get their management and marketing tasks done.

Computers rely mainly on complex IT systems and digital technologies. These systems will be useful in conducting the regular business operations. It is an IT manager who has to supervise the functions of the IT systems.

A sample IT manager resume template is something that would aid the people in getting the job in IT management. This is quite a challenging profession. Here is an IT manager resume template.

IT Manager Resume Template

Freddy Johnson

12th Street, Broadway Lane,

New York, New York, USA

Phone Number: 112 899 322

Email ID: 

Objective: To work as an IT manager in a reputed company and successfully manage the tasks of people involved in the IT department of the company.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Expertise in solving company problems
  • Skilled in taking outcome based decisions.
  • highly qualified in team-building and management.
  • highly qualified in technology asset management.
  • highly qualified and skilled in managing IT projects.
  • Skilled in performance and productivity management
  • Skilled in deploying and implementing resources
  • Skilled and qualified for a lot of time in change management

Career Experiences:

2006 To 2009: Worked as a manager of IT services at Arizona Health Care with the following work responsibilities:

  • leading the team that provides production and project support
  • Preparing departments for IT service management.
  • Developing root cause analysis and identifying financial problems.
  • Managing inventory tracking system for the company

2009 To Present: Worked as a manager of IT systems in the French Connection Chemicals with the following work responsibilities:

  • directing the IT team at the company in delivering technology solutions.
  • helping the team with providing IT services.

Education: 2003 To 2006: BS In IT from Arizona University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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