IT Professional Resume Template

By | October 29, 2012

IT professionals are people who know a lot about the working of Information Technology systems in companies and firms. A sample IT professional resume template would be of great help to someone, who wishes to become a prized IT professional with his skills.

IT professionals are people who carry out the functions and tasks of the IT systems and technologies. They are the people who would come up with the latest IT technology plans and solutions.

The job of an IT professional is to supervise all the functions of the technology sectors. Here is a full resume template for the candidates.

IT Professional Resume Template

Gary Powell

Rockwell Institute Road, Kansas,

Texas, USA,

Phone Number: 112 890 345

Email ID: 

Objective: To work as an IT professional in the field of IT in any respected and reputed software company and help in carrying out the functions of the systems of the IT department in any company or organization.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Knowledgeable about the field of software technology and systems
  • More than seven years of experience in software technology
  • Skilled and qualified in completing ambitious business projects for the companies and business organizations
  • Skilled and experienced in Internet technologies and facilities

Career Experiences:

2008 To 2010: Worked as designing engineer at Phoenix Software with the following work responsibilities:

  • Compiling software by working on data by utilizing pen and ink
  • Using latest systems in studying and executing projects
  • Created, analyzed and developed preset sites.
  • Developing new ideas for new programs
  • Creating and developing layouts and plans for new products

2010 To Present: Worked as Software Engineer at Surreal Software with the following work responsibilities:

  • Generating information for data and information on products
  • Devising and accessing ideas and new plans
  • Completing projects on time.

Education: 2005 To 2008: BSC In Computer Science From MIT, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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