IT Technician Resume Template

By | October 28, 2012

Information Technology is the real full-form of the much abused term known as IT. This term has become quite popular as companies and businesses rely on IT for their business activities.

When IT systems fall prey to technical problems, the companies and individuals need technicians to fix these problems. A sample IT technician resume template would help people who wish to take up this job.

An IT technician needs to be exceptionally skilled in the field of technical assistance. This is a job that is quite challenging for candidates. Thus, here is a sample of the IT technician resume template for candidates.

 IT Technician Resume Template

David Carradine

23rd Estate, New Orleans,

Louisiana, USA

Phone Number: 112 333 478

Email ID: 

Objective: To work as a IT technician in a major software firm or a business organization and design new technology solutions for companies and other government purposes and to perform the other technical tasks and duties in IT industry.

Summary of Qualifications:

·        Highly qualified in database systems and web designing.

·        Highly qualified in software engineering and designing programs and applications.

·        Highly skilled and able in programming computer languages.

·        Designing and Building computer networks.

·        Highly qualified in using different Windows and Linux operating systems.

Career Experiences:

2006 To 2009: Worked as a computer technician at Biotech Solutions with the following work responsibilities:

·        Provided technical assistance for production and manufacturing division.

·        Repairing and maintaining printers, computers and other useful gadgets and devices.

·        Providing assistance in helpdesk for technical support.

·        Loading new software programs and testing the programs.

2009 To Present: Worked as an IT technician at Surreal Software with the following work responsibilities:

·        Providing support to production and manufacturing activities.

·        Repairing computer parts and components.

·        Building helpdesk services to customers.

·        Developing and testing programs.

Education: 2004 To 2006: BS in Computer Science from Boston State University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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