Janitor Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

A janitor is an individual who is responsible for providing cleaning services and also taking care of maintenance and security of the organization. They may also have to sometimes take care of construction or residences, schools and various work places. A janitor resume template is a document that gives in details the points and aspects to be mentioned in the resume of an individual applying for the position of a janitor. If he needs to draft an impressive and informative resume he has to refer to the template.

Sample Janitor Resume Template

[Provide correct data about the individual pertaining to her personal background]


Address: Street address __________  City ______________ State _____________ Post code _________

Contact Number:

Email id:


I want to work in the position of a janitor in a reputed organization where I can exhibit my ____________ [indicate the special skills and the knowledge possessed by the individual that he wants to apply]. I want to give my best so that there is no scope for complaint.

Main areas of knowledge:

•           ____________________________________________

•           _____________________________________________

•           _____________________________________________

•           _____________________________________________

[mention the various aspects of janitorial job in which the individual has knowledge]

Educational Qualification:

  • ___________[ name of the diploma/degree] diploma from ________________ [name of the educational institution] in the year _______________ [date of completion]
  • Training in _________________ [particular type of training] from ______________ [name of training institute]

Employment outline: [Provide an employment summary of the candidate]

I have worked as a janitor nurse for a duration of _________ [date of joining] to ___________  [date of leaving] at ________ [name of the organization] where:

•           ___________________

•           ___________________

•           ___________________

[mention in details all the job duties performed by the individual at the organization]

Key accomplishments:

•           ___________________

•           ___________________

•           ___________________

[mention the various achievements of the candidate in his career]

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