Junior Accountant Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Junior Accountant is required to handle various account related tasks. He may be required to seek help from the senior accountant staff members for completing various tasks. It is essential to pursue a degree in accountancy if you are aiming to get into this position. There is no prior work experience required to get into this position in most organization. Junior Accountant Resume Template is prepared to provide an idea about how the resume for junior accountants can be prepared.

Sample Junior Accountant Resume Template

___________________ (Candidate’s name needs to be written here)

___________________ (Here the mobile number is to be written)

___________________ (Mention the residential address)

Personal Details                                                                   

____________ (Give the candidate’s Date of Birth here) _____________ (Give the candidate’s Nationality) ______________ (Write the marital status of the candidate)
Languages Known: ____________ (Please specify the languages that the candidate can read and write) Preferred Job Location: ___________ (Here the candidate’s preferred job location is to be mentioned) ______________ (Here the candidate’s email Id is to be written)

Educational Qualification

School/ College Course Year of Passing out
_____________ (Name the High School you went to) ______________ (Write the main subjects selected by you) __________ (Write the year of passing high school)
______________ (Name the College from where you completed your degree course) ________________ (Name the course pursued by you) _____________ (Write the year of clearing the degree course)

Professional Experience

_______________ (Mention the name of the organization you are currently working with) _______________ (Mention the designation you are given to hold here)
_________________ (Here you need to give your date of joining this organization)  

Key Responsibilities handled at this position:

1 ________________



(Here you are required to write the main responsibilities handled by you at this position)

Key Skills: (This section should mention the key skills possessed by the candidate)

  • Thorough knowledge about the accounting terms and processes
  • Keen to learn new things
  • Ability to work in coordination with others

__________________ (Give your sign here)

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