Law Clerk Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A law clerk has to carry out various administration related work and different kinds of paper work in a law firm in order to ensure day to day running of the firm. It is the job of a law clerk to draft contractual as well as corporate agreements and also evaluate the data in the agreements. Sometimes they also have to carry out research to procure accurate information.

An individual applying for the position of a law clerk needs to mention about their skill sets, qualifications and experience in their resume. A law clerk resume template helps the individual to draft their resume in such a way so that it attracts the attention of the recruiter.

Sample Law Clerk Resume Template

le preparing the sume of an ge English in the school in _______________ [name of the candidate]         ________________ [date of birth of the candidate]

Contact details:

Permanent address: ______________________________

Contact number: _____________

Mobile number: ___________

Email id: _______________

Professional excellence summary:

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________

[mention all the achievements made by the candidate made professionally]

Professional objective:

To work as a law clerk in a reputed law firm and use my knowledge in the field of law by ___________________________ [list the activities related to the position in which the applicant has knowledge and wants to apply] for the benefit of the law firm as well as for the growth of my career.

Academic background:

  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Law from ___________________ [name of the institute] in the year ____________ [year of completion]
  • Completed _________[ Course/ Diploma/ Certificate] in _________[ field of specialization] from ___________________ [name of the institution from where Course/ Diploma/ Certificate is completed] in the year ____________ [year of completion]

Work experience:

  • _________________________ [name of the law firm], __________________ [date of joining the firm] to present, as law clerk where I had to
  • _____________________
  • ______________________
  • _______________________

[mention in details all the job functions of the individual]

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