Law Enforcement Resume Template

By | October 7, 2012

Law enforcement resume templates are the resumes that are used to apply for the law related jobs of Law enforcement officers. Law enforcement resumes can be used for various types of enforcement jobs related to security jobs, anti-terrorism operational support, firefighter jobs and police jobs.

A good resume for Law Enforcement must contain complete information about your educational and work experience in this regard. The law enforcement resume template can be used in modified form as per your requirement.

Law Enforcement Sample Resume Template

Andy Harris

349E Long lane,

Kirksville, MA 08390

Phone: (285) 296378


To render my services for the sake of administering maximum security in the operational areas and for the safety of all

Summary of qualifications:

  • More than 15 years of experience in enforcing law professionally
  • Familiar with weapons tracking, investigations, electronic surveillance, secret operations and drug enforcement
  • Expert in crime prevention and seizure and search operations
  • Well versed with preparing and providing evidences
  • Expert in investigations, convictions and arrests

Career experiences:

2000 to present:

Serving Miami Police Department; Miami as Detective

  • Responsible investigation officer of drug trafficking offenses and weapons
  • Conducted search and seizure activities on undercover electronic surveillance
  • Acted as evidence custodian and executed arrest and search warrants
  • Executed crime prevention and search and seizure operations

1994 to 2000:

Served as Investigator with Miami Police Department; Miami

  • Performed covert surveillance and search and seizure activities
  • Attained 99% conviction rate by arresting more than 40 major convicts in less than three years
  • Provided evidences in state and federal court cases


B.S. in Criminal Justice, from Houston Police Academy, Rice University; Miami

Graduate from A.A., Miami Community College

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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