Management Consultant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A management consultant is very helpful in improving the current processes in the system in organizations. The management consultant studies the work processes of a firm and understands the gap that exists between the current processes and the set goals. The management consultant works with other coordination units and tries to change the processes gradually over the period of time to make them in compliance with the future aims and objectives. Employers would expect candidates to have the requisite education in management courses and have hands-on knowledge. The following are the sample management consultant resume template.

Sample Management Consultant Resume Template


APPLICANT INFORMATION: [Please enter your details as below]

Name: ____________________ [First name followed by Last name]

Location: __________________ [E.g., Location of stay including Street and Town]

State: _____________________

Country: __________________

Pin Code: _________________

E-mail address: _____________ [Enter a valid email address]

Contact number: ____________ [Enter STD code also]

PERSONAL DETAILS: [Please enter your personal details as below]

Date of Birth: ______________ [E.g., 26-Jan-1986]

Employment Status: _________

Marital Status: ______________

CAREER OBJECTIVE: [Briefly list what do you aim to achieve in life]

I would like to become a successful management consultant where I seek to obtain knowledge in _______________ [mention the areas of knowledge] and experience of _____________________ [mention where areas of expertise need to be developed] by working in organizations which focus on _____________________ [provide details of verticals where the candidate want to specialize in]



  • Studied MBA (Master of Business Administration) from _________________ [provide the name of the college / university] during the years _________[from year] to___________[to year]
  • Studied Bachelors of _______________ [Enter in which areas graduation is obtained] from the University of ________________  [Enter the Board of Education]where the education was obtained between the years ____________ [From year] and ___________ [To Year]


  • Company Name: ___________________________ [Name of the company worked for]
  • Number of years of experience: _______________
  • Designation: ______________________________ [Position in the company worked for]
  • Responsibilities:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Preference1: ______________

Preference2: ______________

Preference3: ______________

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