Manager Resume Template

By | November 5, 2012

A manager is the head of the department who has to oversee the entire operations of the organization. The manger is responsible to coordinate the activities of the organization in an efficient manner by planning, directing the various activities. The manager also has the responsibility to ensure that the policies and procedures of the organization are followed correctly by all the staff members.

The manager has to conduct his behavior in such a manner that the goals of the organization are met and progress of the organization is ensured. A manager resume template can prove to be useful in devising an excellent resume that employers will be interested in.

Sample Manager Resume Template


Home Address of the candidate

Phone number of the candidate

Email address of the candidate

Career Objective

[The candidate has to provide a career goal that matches the role of a manager and displays his qualities that will make him an ideal candidate for the position].

Skills Set

  • [The candidate has to specify all the skills that he has as a manger. The skills set are very important in the resume of a manager as they clearly distinguish one candidate from another during the selection process].
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________
  • ___________________________


Educational Background

  • [The candidate has to specify all the educational details

starting with high School and then  going further to graduation   and post graduation].

Work Background

[The candidate should provide details of work experience where details such as name of the organization, location of the organization, job title, years of service and key responsibilities fulfilled on the job should be specified. The work experience should begin with the most recent job and then other organizations worked for].


[The Candidate Should Specify Other Interest And Hobbies Here Such As Sports Interest Or Gardening Etc].


[The candidate can give maximum two references along with their designation and official address here].

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