Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Template

By | August 7, 2012

A manufacturing supervisor resume template is a document that helps a candidate applying for this position to showcase their skills, experience and qualifications in an effective manner. One of the most crucial jobs in any manufacturing industry is that of a Manufacturing Supervisor. He is the one who is responsible for looking after minute detail regarding the production process in that industry. Thus, when an individual is applying for such a crucial post in any organization, he should make sure that his resume is such which would attract the selectors as soon as they see it.

Sample Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Template

Name- ____________________

Qualification- ______________

Date of Birth- ______________

Address- __________________

Phone- ____________________

Email id- __________________ [ Provide personal details in this section]

Career Objective-

To work in a challenging and competitive work environment and enhance my knowledge through gradual learning and hard work thereby contributing to the organizational objectives. [Can add few more details if needed]

Education Summary

[Here the candidate needs to give a summary of his/her academic qualifications]

  • Passed class 10th from ___________________ [name of the school] in the year _______________ [Year of passing] with an aggregate of _______________ [aggregate percentage].
  • Passed class 12th from ____________________ [name of the school] in the year ______________ [Year of passing] with an aggregate of __________________ [aggregate percentage].
  • Graduated in ___________________ [name of the degree] from¬†_________________ [Name of institute] in the year _____________ [year of passing].
  • ¬†_______________________________________ [Any additional degree should be specified, if any].


[Under this heading, the candidate should specify the brief detail of his professional experience in his previous organizations]

  • Worked in _______________________ [name of the organization] as a _____________ [name of the job] for _______________________ [number of years].
  • Worked from ________ [year] to ________ [year] as a ___________ [position].
  • ________________________
  • ________________________ [Mention a few more experience here, if any]


  • Was awarded the Employee of the Year award in _______________________ [name of the organization] for performing the best of services.
  • ____________________________
  • ____________________________ [Mention a few more achievements here.]

Training experiences:

  • ____________ To __________ [specify the training period]: completed training on ___________ [name of course] from ___________ [specify the name of the organization/institute].
  • ___________________________ [Mention a few more trainings here]

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