Marketing Analyst Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A marketing analyst is an individual who usually reports to the marketing director and provides his insight about the market and market conditions. They also have to provide information about effectiveness of marketing campaign, competitors, and changes affecting the sales of the organization. A lot of business decisions taken depend on the analysis made by the marketing analysts. It is necessary for an individual applying for the position of a marketing analyst to have an ideal resume and in order to do that he has to follow the format given in a marketing analyst resume template. The format given in the template includes points like work experience knowledge of the applicant.

Sample Marketing Analyst Resume Template

Applicant’s name:  ___________

Address: ______________

Phone number: ____________

Email id: ___________

Date of Birth: ___________

[specify the personal details of the applicant]

Career Objective:

I wish to make career as a marketing analyst where my ______________________ [specify the skills that the concerned individual wishes to implement] in order to influence the marketing and business decisions of the organization positively.

Professional qualifications:


  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _____________________
  • ___________________

[mention in details the skills and abilities of the individual that are significant to his professional career]

Educational Qualification:

  • Pursued Masters in ____________[ field in which degree is obtained] from _______________________ [name of the educational institution] with specialization in ___________[ field of specialization] in _____________ [year of completion of the course]
  • Pursued Bachelors in ___________________ [subject in which he pursued bachelor’s] from _______________________ [name of the educational institution] in _____________ [year of completion of the course]

Interests and hobbies:

  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _____________________
  • __________________

Professional experience:

Marketing analyst, _____________ [name of the organization] for _____________ [tenure of working] where  _________________ [job responsibilities]

Personal details:

Date of birth: __________

Marital status: _________

Nationality: ______________ [country of which the individual holds passport]

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