Math Teacher Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Math Teacher is required to teach mathematics to the students. It is essential to acquire a degree in mathematics as well as in teaching in order to get into this position. Math teacher resume should include details about her qualification and work experience. Math Teacher Resume Template is designed to give an idea about what all should be included in the resume prepared for this position.

Sample Math Teacher Resume Template


Personal Details



Residence Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:

E mail id:

[Mention all the personal details asked for above]


__________________________________________________ (Give a summary of your educational qualification, work experience and other skills in short)

Work Experience

Currently working at:


_______________ (Mention the name of the school you are working at)

Position Handled

_______________ (Specify the position handled by you)

Date of Joining

________________ (Mention the date of joining this school)

Key Responsibilities

1 _______________________

2 ________________________

3 ________________________

4 _________________________

(Specify all the tasks handled by you at this position)

Previous Employer:


_____________ (Mention the name of your previous employer, if any)

Position Handled

_____________ (State the designation on which you have worked)

Date of Joining

______________ (Specify the Date on which you joined this school)

Date of Relieving

_______________ (Specify the Date on which you left this school)

Key Responsibilities

1 ____________________

2 ____________________

3 ____________________

4 ____________________

(Specify the duties you were expected to handle while working at this school)


School/ University Subjects Year of Passing out
___________ (Specify the name of the High School you have attended) _________ (Mention the subjects) ________ (Mention the year of passing High School)
____________ (Specify the name of the university you have attended) Degree in ___________ (Specify the course pursued at graduation level) ________ (Mention the year of completing the graduation)
___________ (Specify the name of the university/ college where you pursued a higher degree from) Degree in _____________ (Specify the subjects in which you completed a higher degree) ________ (Specify the year of passing the degree course)

__________________ (Signature)

__________________ (Date)

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