Mechanical Engineering Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Mechanical engineering job entails very important task of forming products and processing things such as machinery and vehicles in large industries. One of the main tasks of a mechanical engineer is to develop, design and test the theoretical designs. The candidates applying for such a job must specialize in mechanical engineering and should list all their accomplishments in their resume in order to attain the job. All their achievements can be shown through mechanical engineering resume template, which would be helpful in providing with the appropriate job.

 Sample Mechanical Engineering Resume Template:


Applicant’s name:


 Phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:

[specify the personal details of the applicant]

Career objective:

My main objective is to occupy an important position as a mechanical engineer in a reputed firm, where I can get the opportunity to make use of my talent and skills. Further I ____________[elaborate your further career objective in such a way as to sync with the job requirements]

Academic achievements:

  • Done my schooling from___________ in year____ [mention the year].
  • Attained my degree of mechanical engineering from_______[mention the institute from where you have graduated and year of passing]
  • _______________[further mention any other higher educational degree attained by the applicant]

Previous working experience:

  • I have worked as a mechanical engineer for__________ [ name of the firm worked for] from year_____ to_______[mention the respective years].
  • I have also have the experience of____________[ provide the information of all past work experience] as ___________[ position on which the candidate was working].
  • I have further given training to other students in the institute___________ in the year_________ for specializing in repairing__________[ mention the specialization of course, if given]

Skills and expertise areas:

  • _______________[mention the various skills and areas of expertise of the candidate]

Reference to character certificate may only be provided in those cases where it is specified by the company

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