Medical Student Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A medical student is an individual who is pursuing a degree in medical science in a medical college or a University. They are studying to pursue a career in the field of medicine as a medical officer or a doctor. A medical student is a fresher and has no work experience, so when a medical student is preparing his resume it should have all the points highlighting his skills and abilities and also reflect his knowledge in the field of medicine. Thus it is helpful for a medical student to follow the structure given in a medical student resume template.

Sample Medical Student Resume Template

__________________ [name of the applicant]                 _________________ [date of birth]

Contact details:

Correspondence address: ____________________________

Residential number: _____________

Cell phone number: _________________

E mail id: _____________

Other information:

Nationality: __________________ [country of which the applicant holds passport]

Marital status: ____________

Gender: ________________

Employment type seeking for: ________________

Languages known: ______________________

Hobbies: ________________


To make a career in the field of medical science in a reputed health service provider organization.

Education qualification:

  • Currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in medicine from _________________ [name of the medical university]. Prospective date of completion _______________ [in dd/mm/yy format]
  • Pursued high school diploma from _____________ [name of the school] in ______________ [year of completion]

Skills and abilities:

  • ______________
  • ______________
  • ______________
  • ______________

[list down all the skills and abilities that will help him professionally]

Details of computer knowledge:

  • ______________
  • ______________
  • ______________
  • ______________

[list down all the computer applications in which the applicant has knowledge]

Work experience:

  • Worked as a research assistant for a period of ______________________ [number of years and months] in ________________ [name of the medical organization] where:





[mention in details all the job functions and responsibilities in that position]

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