Nurse Educator Resume Template

By | November 8, 2012

A nurse educator is a person who performs the role of an educator to the junior nurses. The nurse educator plays the primary roles of preparing the nurses for practical training, delivering knowledge on nursing practices, train the nurses in patient handling and collection of samples etc.

Thus the role of a nurse educator revolves around educating the nursing staff according to the norms specified and help them gain knowledge on the job. A nurse educator resume template should help in building a resume of a candidate that every employer will be interested to hire.

Sample Nurse Educator Resume Template

Personal details : [The personal information of the candidate should be provided].

Name of the Candidate :

Enter your address on this line and other details below :

Contact Telephone Number:
Email Address :

Personal summary : [The career objective of the candidate to be provided here].

I wish to take up the opportunity of a nurse educator in an organization that provides a great environment for personal and professional growth by making use of my skills in a positive and effective manner.

Academic : [The educational qualifications of the candidate to be provided here].

Name of the University/Institute Name of the Degree Subjects Studied

1)      ____________             ____________                 ____________

2)      ____________             ____________                 ____________

3)      ____________             ____________                 ____________

Expert Skills : [The key skills should be provided here].

1)      __________________

2)      __________________

3)      __________________

4)      __________________

5)      __________________

References :

References will be provided on request of the employer.

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