Nurse Practitioner Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Any individual who is a practicing nurse and is registered is a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is responsible for taking care of both mental as well as health conditions of the patient and also conducting diagnostic tests. Nurse practitioners can also conduct research, prescribe medicines and provide primary health care. In her resume, an individual applying for a position as a nurse practitioner needs to highlight details like work experience and knowledge in the field of nursing.

Thus in order to prepare her resume in the correct order, he needs to follow a nurse practitioner resume template that gives an idea about the factors to be highlighted in the resume.

Nurse Practitioner Resume Template

Nurse Practitioner Resume

Name of the applicant: ______________

Correspondence address of the applicant: _________________________________

Contact number of the applicant: _______________

Mobile phone number: _________________

Email id: _________________

Academic background:

•           Obtained Masters of science in nursing degree from _____________________ [name of the university] in the year ________________ [year of obtaining the degree]

•           Obtained Bachelors of science in nursing degree from __________________ [name of the university] in the year ________________ [year of completion]

•           Obtained high school diploma from  __________________ [subject in which bachelor [name of the school] in the year ________________ [year of completion]

Professional excellence summary:

•           __________________

•           _________________

•           _____________________

•           _____________________

[summarize all the excellence achieved by the applicant professionally]

Hobbies and interests:

•           _____________________

•           _____________________

[mention all the hobbies and interests pursued by the applicant]

Professional Background:

Currently working as a practicing nurse in ______________________ [name of the health care center] since ________________ [date of joining] where I

•           ___________________

•           ________________________

•           _______________________

•           _______________________

[mention in details all the job responsibilities of the candidate]

Professional Reference:

___________________ [name of the person], __________________ [designation of the person], ____________________ [organization in which the person is working]

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