Occupational Therapist Resume Template

By | October 27, 2012

Occupational therapists are professionals who play an important part for companies and business organizations. An occupational therapist is required urgently when the people involved in different functions and occupations fall prey to illnesses.

Illnesses of the workers can put the entire work process in serious jeopardy. The occupational therapist is a sort of a doctor who diagnoses and treats the problems of the workers in occupational fields.

He helps to restore these occupational workers back to their normal work positions in the shortest time possible. A sample occupational therapist resume template is fast becoming popular among people. Here is a full sample.

 Occupational Therapist Resume Template

Oleander Jones

7th Street, Gettysburg Memorial, Idaho,

Illinois, USA

Phone Number: 112 233 344

Email ID: oleandertherealrockstar@gmail.com 

Objective: To secure the job of an occupational therapist in a major business organization and use the skills in diagnosing and treating health problems among workers and employees in the company.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Experienced in occupational therapy and highly knowledgeable about diagnosis and treatment procedures.
  • Skilled and able in attending to feedback from people
  • Skilled in providing personal assistance, medical attention, customer support and other personal care to patients.
  • Skilled and qualified in planning, organizing and conducting occupational therapy programs in firms, healthcare centers and other important places.

Career Experiences:

2005 To 2008: Worked as Assistant Occupational Therapist at Phoenix Healthcare Center with the following work responsibilities:

  • participating in observing and monitoring patient feedback and reaction
  • Managing therapy sessions for the patients admitted to clinics and hospitals.
  • Preparing diet schedules for employees.

2008 To Present: Worked as Occupational therapist at the same place with the following work responsibilities:

  • coordinating with patients about solving problems
  • implementing clinical therapy for employees
  • interviewing patients and understanding problems
  • Resolving health problems for patients

Education: 2002 To 2005: Master Of Science Degree from Illinois University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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