Ophthalmic Technician Resume Template

By | July 10, 2013

An Ophthalmic Technician is someone who works closely with the ophthalmologist. They look after the technical operations within an ophthalmologists’ clinic and assist them in carrying out diagnostic tests, surgeries, vision measurement, clinical photography etc. For this purpose they need to have in depth knowledge of complex ophthalmic equipments, medical procedures and treatments.

Ophthalmic technicians should be very detailed oriented and organized as they need to deal with glass, contact lenses etc. Ophthalmic technicians should be technically very sound and need to be updated about the latest technology in this field. Here’s a sample resume template which highlights the skills of an ophthalmic technician.

Sample Ophthalmic Technician Resume Template

Profile :

Name :___________________________ Age :_________ Sex: ____________(Male/Female)

Contact details :

Correspondence address :

Contact number :

E mail id :

Profile Summary:

I am an experienced and well trained Ophthalmic Technician. I have been in this profession for last ______ years and have the experience of assisting ophthalmologists.

Training & Qualification:

Name of University/College/Institute

Name of the qualification acquired

Year of acquisition of qualification


[Mention your Educational qualification. Also, mention any sort of professional training / certification / degree related to ophthalmology.]

Key Skills:

  • ________________________
  • ________________________
  • ________________________

[Mention in details all the abilities and skills possessed by the applicant that are relevant to the job position of an ophthalmic technician]

Work experience:

  • Currently working as a _______________Ophthalmic Technologist/Technician/Assistant under in_______________[name of the training clinic/hospital/medical lab/institute etc] Dr. _____________ since ______________ [date of joining]

Job duties

  • _________________
  • _________________
  • Worked in the position of ___________________ [job designation] in _____________ [name of the training clinic/hospital/medical lab/institute etc] under Dr. __________ from ________________ [date of joining] till ____________ [date of leaving].


  • Name____________________ Contact No. ___________________________
  • Name____________________ Contact No. ___________________________

[Give a few names and contact details from your professional and personal contact]

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