Painter Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

A painter is an individual who is responsible for doing any kind of painting work which includes painting of walls, office premises, buildings, apartments, houses, schools, bridges etc. They may also have to take care of painting equipments, machines and various other objects. The tools used by painters to do their job include spray guns, brushes etc.  An individual applying for the job position of a painter has to mention his experiences and skill sets in the field of painting. He has to follow the structure given in a painter resume template in order to understand the points to be mentioned in his resume.

Sample Painter Resume Template

Name of the applicant: _______________
Date of birth: ________________

Resume summary:

I am a painter with ___________________ [number of years or months] of experience in this field.
Career goal:

I wanted to be a reputed and most sought after painter with knowledge and skills of painting __________________________________ [various kinds of painting work in which the individual wants to specialize]

Contact details:

Correspondence address: __________________ Street name _______________ City _______________ State ______________ Post code

Residential contact number: _______________

Cell phone number: _______________

E mail id: ______________

List of painting experience:

  • Done painting job at the office premises of  ____________________
  • Completed painting job at _____________________
  • __________________
  • __________________

[various types of painting work done]

Equipment usage knowledge:

•           _____________________

•           __________________

•           __________________

[various kinds of painting equipments that the applicant has handled and has knowledge of using]
Job experience:

  • Worked as a painter for ______________________ [name of the organization] from _________________ [date of joining] to _____________________ [date of leaving] where





[specify the various work responsibilities carried out by the applicant]

Other information: [ this section should provide the other details of the candidate]

Gender: _____________

Marital status: ______________

Nationality: ________________

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