Pest Control Technician Resume Template

By | October 23, 2012

A strong resume is very important while applying for any responsible position and pest control technician resume template can help you in creating a strong resume if you are applying for the responsible position of Pest Control Technician.

Pest control technician resume template can be used successfully after relevant changes in it.

Pest control technician resume template

Darcy Moore

7930 Carpenter St, Apt#55

Seattle, WA 98119

Cell: 123-456-8978 


To seek the position of a pest control technician in a reputed organization wherein my professional experience will be utilized for achieving the target of the organization

Summary of qualifications:

  • Professional knowledge of advanced procedures and principles of IPM including parasite, predator usage and chemical control techniques
  • Expert of chemical applications, treatment programs, control methods and materials
  • Well-known with the environmental and safety standards, requirements and regulations of pests control
  • Complete knowledge of pesticide toxicity, chemical solutions, and enticements

Career experiences:

2008 to present:

Working as Pest Control Specialist with Pest Control Group, Washington

  • Conducting inspections of assigned facilities, grounds, ditches, drainage, water areas and marshes for infestation on pests
  • Utilizing IPM procedures to control pests in and around residences, offices, aquatic areas, food service areas, lawns, shrubs, trees, and storage areas
  • Applying pesticides and various application methods to conduct pest control operations in several locations
  • Performing pest controlling duties safely by utilizing safety procedures and practices

2004 to 2008:

Worked as Pest control Technician with Candid Group, Washington

  • Located, identified, destroyed, controlled and repelled pests
  • Sprayed chemical solutions, gases or powders into furnishings, rooms, over marshlands, onto clothing, or wood, catch-basins and ditches
  • Handled tasks of locking building doors and posting warning signs to protect the areas to be fumigated


2003 Bachelors in biological sciences from Birmingham University

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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