Petroleum Engineer Resume Template

By | February 15, 2013

A petroleum engineer, quite evident from the title of the position, is responsible for conducting jobs that are engineered to gather and utilize raw petroleum or its byproducts in an efficient manner. Hence the resume for a petroleum engineer must be framed accordingly, so as to contain details of required educational qualifications, specialized skills and practical abilities, proper understanding and operational skills, interpersonal and leadership qualities, etc. The structure of a petroleum engineer resume template must comply with the general standard of the corresponding document, thereby providing the base for developing appropriate resume for such particular purpose of petroleum engineering job application.

Sample Petroleum Engineer Resume Template:

Name of Candidate: ____________________________

Age: _________ years

Nationality: ____________________

Mailing address: _____________________________________

Contact details: ______________________________

Job History:

 Name of Company   Duties and Responsibilities   Years of Working/Worked at Handled Service

  •  __________                   __________                                   __________
  •  __________                   __________                                   __________
  •  __________                   __________                                   __________

Career Experiences:


[Narrate unique experiences of petroleum engineering that you have been specifically a part of]

Special Skills and Core Competencies:

  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________

[Mention the candidate’s unique areas of expertise]

Professional Achievements:



[Mention if you have achieved anything extraordinary in your career at petroleum engineering]

 Academic Qualifications:

• Completed High School at _________________________ [name of school] in Science subjects with appreciable grades in _________________________________ and a total score of __________.

• Clear understanding of concepts, ability to apply theories in practice, natural flair towards science – physics, chemistry, mathematics, observation skills, _________________ [mention other qualities of the applicant]

• Bachelor’s in Engineering/Graduate in _____________________ [mention name of the course]/ Under-graduate in ______________________ [mention name of the course]/ others ___________________________________ [mention if pursued any other degree/course]

• _________________________________________________________________ [Provide details of other academic qualifications of the candidate]

Possesses technical skills such as _______________________________________

Software knowledge of ________________________________

Participated in _________________________________

Winner at ______________________________

[The candidate must fill up the above blanks with authentic details, as may be applicable]


  •  _________________________________
  •  _________________________________
  •  _________________________________

[Provide a minimum of two references from employers or senior officials at previous places of work]


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