Pharmaceutical Rep Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Pharmaceutical Rep is required to deal with the company’s clients and provide them information related to the pharmaceutical products being offered by the company. It is essential to have good communication skills and a pleasant personality in order to handle this position well. Pharmaceutical Rep Resume Template is designed to give an idea about what all should be included in the resume prepared for the position of a Pharmaceutical Rep. efficiently

Sample Pharmaceutical Rep Resume Template

Personal Details

______________ (Give your name here)

___________ (Write your Date of Birth)

__________________ (Write down your Address in this space)

___________ (Here you need to mention your mobile number)


I would utilize my skills and knowledge for attaining professional success. My positive attitude, sincerity towards work and experience would help me handle the assigned tasks competently.

Education and Training

Name of the course Name of the Institute Year of passing
_______________ (Here you are required to give the name of the course you have pursued) _______________ (In this blank you are supposed to give the name of the Institute) ____________ (Here you need to write the year of passing out from the Institute)
________________ (Here you have to give the name of the training program you underwent) __________________ (In this blank you need you need to give the name of the institute where you went to acquire this training) _______________(Here the month and year of attending the training course needs to be written)

Work Experience:

Name of the Organization Your Designation Date of Joining and Relieving
_____________ (Here you are supposed to write the name of the organization you are working with) _______________ (Here you need to write the designation you are working at) _____________ (Here you are asked to write the date when you joined this organization)

(You may write about any other organization you have worked with in the same format here; incase you do not have any work experience you may not use the above column and introduce yourself as a fresher).

____________ (It is recommended to give your sign here at the bottom of your resume)

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