Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative should have sound knowledge about the products being sold by his company. He is required to deal with various clients and must have good communication skills. It is recommended to highlight ones key skills, knowledge as well as experience in the resume. Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Template helps in figuring out as to what all should be included in the resume prepared for this position.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Template


                                                                                    Applicant’s Name: ___________

Residential Address: __________

Phone number: _______________

Email Address: _______________

(Give the details asked for above)



I aim to use my knowledge and experience to carry out the assigned tasks efficiently. I would follow the instructions given by my seniors and do my best to attain the given targets.


  • High School Diploma from ________________ (Mention the name of the High School attended)
  • Acquired Degree in (Specify whichever course you have done) from ________________ (Mention the name of the college or institute you have pursued the degree from) in ____________ (Mention your year of passing the course).


Attended __________________________ (Mention the details of any training program attended by you) from ____________________ (Mention the name of the institute where you underwent this training program) in the year ________________ (Mention the year in which you attended this training program). The training program covered ___________________ (Mention as to what all was covered during the training program)


Working at _____________________ (Specify the name of the hospital/ nursing home you are working at) as a ________________________ (Mention your designation) since______________________ (Write the date of joining)

My current job duties include:

1 _________________


3 __________________

4 ___________________

(Mention all the job duties assigned to you at this position)

KEY SKILLS           

1 ____________________

2 ____________________

3 ____________________

(Mention your key skills related to your profession)

I hope the above information has given you an overview of my professional profile. Kindly consider me for this position. I would prove to be an asset for your organization.

_______________________ (Signature)

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