Pharmacy Intern Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Pharmacy Intern is required to handle various tasks assigned by his mentor during the internship program. Most pharmacy courses include an essential internship program as a part of the pharmacy course. Undergoing internship program helps in understanding various practical aspects of the tasks handled at the pharmaceutical firm. Pharmacy Intern Resume Template assists the Pharmacy Interns in preparing an effective resume.

Sample Pharmacy Intern Resume Template

__________________ (Please mention your complete name)

__________________ (Please write down your address)

__________________ (Here you need to mention your mobile number)

Career Goal

My goal is to ensure the completion of the given assignments on time and provide the desired quality. I have a clear understanding of various theoretical aspects of pharmacy and by way of this internship program I yearn to learn the practical aspects as well.

Educational Qualification

  • High School

I completed my High School from __________________ (In this space you need to give the name of the High School you went to) in the year ____________ (Please specify the year in which you went to high school)

  • Diploma

I completed my Diploma in Pharmacy (or you may write whichever subject you did your Diploma in) from ______________ (You need to write the name of the institute you went to) in the year ______________ (Please write down the year in which you completed your Diploma)

(In case you have attended a degree course or pursued any other higher course as well then please write about it in the same format)

Major Achievements


(Here you may write about your major achievements, that is any certificate, appreciation or reward achieved by you during your High School or at College level)

Strong Points

  • Keen to learn new things
  • Clear understanding about the Pharmacy terms

(You may write the strong points given above if these match yours else you may mention your own strong points)

_____________________ (Give your Signature in the given blank)

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