Pharmacy Technician Resume Template

By | October 26, 2012

A pharmacy technician would be also called, in layman language, a compounder of medicines. In any pharmacy or dispensary, the pharmacy technician is the one who has to mix the drugs and medicines.

His job is to know about the valuable healing properties of the different drugs. The pharmacy technician applies his vast knowledge in mixing the right drugs. He should create a formula or mix that will deliver the best results and effects for the patients.

A sample pharmacy technician resume template should make mention of the skills and vast knowledge of the aspirants. Here is a full sample of the resume.

Pharmacy Technician Resume Template

Robert Barker

12, Hunan House, Limehouse,

East London, London, United Kingdom

Phone Number: 211 783 450

Email ID:

Objective: To work as a pharmacy technician at a reputed pharmacy and use the vast knowledge and skills in preparing the right medicines for patients and customers of the pharmacy.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Experienced and skilled in handling community hospital and clinic work.
  • Knowledgeable about different medicines that have different healing properties
  • Skilled in concocting the right mix of medicinal ingredients without side effects.
  • Skilled in communication and computer skills and technical abilities

Career Experiences:

2007 To 2010: Worked as pharmacy technician at Live Right Dispensary with the following work responsibilities:

  • making use of computerized systems for documentation and administrative work
  • Applying vast medication knowledge in preparing medicines for patients
  • Updating records of daily orders and other details of patients.
  • keeping records of dosages and other details

2010 To Present: Worked as pharmacy technician at Enlightenment Clinic with the following work responsibilities:

  • filling up order entries in computer systems
  • Checking and updating medical charts and other reports
  • Using knowledge in formulating safe and effective medicines
  • conducting audits and updating details

Education: 2004 To 2007: Bachelor of Science from King’s College, UK.

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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