Pharmacy Technician Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Pharmacy Technician is required to provide technical assistance at the pharmaceutical firm. The role of a pharmacy technician is vital to the organization and the candidate aspiring to get into this position needs to undergo a relevant training program in pharmacy to acquire this position. Certain firms also provide on the job training to pharmacy technicians to prepare them for handling this position efficiently. Pharmacy Technician Resume Template assists the aspiring as well as existing pharmacy Technicians in designing their resume.

Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume Template

________________ (Please write your name in this blank space)

________________ (Please write your contact number)

Career Objective

As a Pharmacy Technician, I would utilize my skills, that is ____________ (mention your key skills) along with my knowledge about the subject for carrying out various assigned tasks and progress in this field.

My Work Experience

  • I have worked at the post of a _________________ (Here you are required to right the post at which you have worked) at ___________________ (Here you need to mention the organization’s name) from ___________________________ (Please fill the blank space with the month and year of joining this organization) to ___________ (In the space given here please write the month and year of leaving this organization). This position has taught me a lot of things including _____________ (Here you are supposed to write the key learning that you got from this position).
  • Currently I am employed at the position of ______________ (Here you need to write the position you hold in your present company) at _________________ (In this space you are required to mention the organization’s name) since ______________ (This space asks you to enter you date of joining the organization).

I am handling the below mentioned tasks here:

________________________ (Please write about a few major tasks that you are handling here)

My Educational Qualification

  • I have completed a diploma in ________________ (Mention the subject in which you completed your diploma course) in the year ___________ (Please write the year of completion).
  • Attained technical training in _________________ (Mention as to what was covered in the training program which you attended)

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