Product Marketing Manager Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A product marketing manager is an individual who manages the marketing techniques and planning process of the product manufactured by the organization. He comes up with policies and ideas about promoting the product in order to increase the number of consumers and its sale. There are certain qualities that a product marketing manager needs to possess. An individual applying for the job position of a product manager has to mention these qualities in his resume. In order to get an idea about the various qualities and aspects to be mentioned he has refer to the structure given in the document known as a  product manager resume template.

Sample Product Marketing Manager Resume Template

__________________ [name of the applicant]

____________________________________ [correspondence address of the applicant]

_______________________ [contact number]

____________________ [mobile phone number]

___________________ [email id]


  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ______________________
  • __________________________
  • _______________________

[mention in details all the skills possessed by the applicant]

Career objective:

I want to work in the challenging position of a product marketing manager in a reputed organization that will make best of my _________________________ [mention the specific skills and knowledge that the applicant possesses] in order to increase the popularity and sale of the products of the organization.

Career Achievements:

  • _____________________________
  • _______________________________
  • ___________________________________

[mention the  achievements made by the applicant in his career]

Professional experience:

  • _____________________ [organization in which he is currently working] in the position of  a product marketing manager since ______________ [date of joining the organization] where my job functions are:





  • ___________________________ [organization in which he worked previously] as ______________ [designation in the organization] from ___________________ [date of joining the organization] till ____________________ [date of leaving the organization] where:




[specify all the job functions of the individual]

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