Production Manager CV Template

By | August 8, 2012

A Production Manager is hired to ensure the production of good quality goods at an optimized price in the least possible time. One should possess sound knowledge in the various methods of production available for a component and the ability to make decisions to choose the one which best fits into the purpose with maximized profits and enhanced customer satisfaction index. Persons on par with client’s expectations are most hankered for this post. In order to draft an effective resume for this position, a production manager CV template is of great help.

Sample Production Manager CV Template 

Name: _____________________

Location: ___________________

Phone Number: ______________

Email Address: _______________  [Provide correct data about the individual pertaining to his personal background]


Seeking a position of a Production Manager at _______________ [name of the organization applied for] where my skills of decision making, process planning, production optimization and people’s relationships would be polished and thereby serve the organization with my best efforts and to stand as a predominant resource to the organization.

Academic Journey:

[Here the candidate should just give a brief about his professional and academic qualifications]

  • Achieved _______________ [name of degree] from _____________________[name of institute/university] in _______________ [year]
  • Graduated from __________________ [name of institute/university] as a ___________________ [name of qualification] in ________ [year].
  • __________________________ [add few more details, if any]

Professional Preceding:

[Here the candidate should give a few details about previous work experiences]

  • Worked from _____________ [year] to ______________ [year] as a Production Manager for __________________________ [name of previous employer] where I implemented a new production process layout which reduced the time of production by ___________________ [some percentage].
  • Worked with __________________ [name of previous employer] from ______________ [year] to _________________ [year] as a Production Manager where I coordinated a multi divisional fabrication process.
  • ________________________ [add few more, If any]

Computer Skills:

[Can add few applications/software relating to production management/planning, etc]

Windows vista, MS DOS, Unix, Linux.

  • Microsoft Office
  •  _________________
  •  _________________

Trainings Undergone/Delivered:

[Here the candidate is required to provide few details about the trainings undergone]

  • Trained in ______________________ [name of course] at __________________ [location/organization/institute]
  • Delivered webinars on “____________” [ topic name] to delegates from _____________________ [name of a group of industries]
  • Participated in seminar on____________ [topic name] held at _________________________ [location] by _____________________ [name of host].
  • _________________


[Can add your own areas of interests]

  • Reading
  • Listening Music
  • _______________
  • _______________

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