Professional Accountants Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Professional Accountants are required to carry out various accounts related tasks and work as a part of the accounts team. They are required to acquire a degree in accountancy in order to practice this profession. Employers also prefer candidates having relevant work experience. Professional Accounting resume template is designed to give an idea to the professional accountants on how to prepare their CV effectively to impress their prospective employers.

Sample Professional Accounting Resume Template


PERSONAL INFORMATION: [Specify the personal details asked below]

Applicant’s Name:

Residential Address:

Email Address:

Phone number:

Alternate Number:

Employment Status:

Date of Birth:


I would utilize my knowledge and experience to grow professionally in the accounting field. As a Professional Accounting Staff, I would follow the instructions given by my supervisors and work towards completing the assigned tasks resourcefully.


  • High School Diploma from ________________ (Mention the name of the school where you have )
  • Acquired Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy (Or specify whichever course you have done) from ________________ (Mention the name of the college or institute you have pursued the degree from) in ____________ (Mention your year of passing the course).


• Pursued a course in MS Excel and MS Access (Or mention any technical course pursued by you) from ____________________ (mention the name of the institute) in the year (Mention the year in which you completed the course)


Worked at _____________________ at the position of ________________________ from ______________________ to __________________________

Handled various responsibilities while at this position. These include:

1 _________________

2 _________________

3 _________________

4 _________________

(Specify the responsibilities handled at this position while working in the company mentioned above).

I hereby certify that all the information stated here is true to the best of my knowledge. It is aimed at giving you an overview of my profile. I hope you find me suitable as per your requirement and consider me for this position.

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