Professional Finance Resume Template

By | August 7, 2012

A professional in the field of finance are placed in various posts related to finance. They may work as an investment counselor, portfolio manager, investment banker, finance manager and other related posts. They need to have excellent knowledge about the finance industry and keep themselves updated with the changes in the market condition. The candidate applying for various positions in finance must show their past achievements and future prospects in such a way that it attracts the potential employer. In order to draft an effective resume, professional finance resume template proves to be of great help.

Sample Professional Finance Resume Template

PERSONAL INFORMATION:[mention the required field of personal details]

Applicant’s name: ____________
Residential Address: Street ____________
City ____________
State ____________
Zip code ____________
Phone number: ____________
Email ID: ____________
Employment Status: ____________
Marital Status: ____________
Date of Birth: ____________


My objective is to acquire a challenging position as a professional in the field of finance  through which I can exercise my expertise and skills of ______________ [mention the proficiency that one possess for acquiring the intended job position]


  • Obtained the degree of Bachelor’s of ________________ [name of the subject] from ________________ [name of the institute/ university] in the year ____________ [year of completion of degree].
  • _________________________ [mention if any other advanced professional degrees that are being obtained by the candidate]


  • Has knowledge in ____________________ [mention the computer knowledge of the candidate and also specify if any certifications related to it have been acquired]


  • From ____________ to __________ [specify the training period] worked in the position of a ____________ [job designation] in ___________ [specify the name of the organization] where my job duties include the following: ______________________________ [state the job functions]


  • Playing Cricket
  • Reading
  • _____________
  • ______________


Can be provided upon request.

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