Professional Student Resume Template

By | October 22, 2012

Professional student resume template is a sample resume for the candidates who want to join any professional field as a student or learner. A resume for any kind of job is the basic document which must be empowered by your skills and experiences, if any.

The interviewer must get impressed by reading your resume at first sight. Professional student resume template can be used after relevant changes in your case.

Professional student resume template

Curtis R. Hottinger

4867 Morris Street

San Antonio, TX 78205

(830) 286-7856


To seek a dependable job as a professional student at entry-level post in Finance where I can use my skills and excel my career with the help of the organization 

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled with strong numerical and logical reasoning
  • Professionally trained for handling financing, economics and accounting
  • Equipped with interpersonal skills like good at team working, hard working and aggravated worker
  • Good at sales and concluding skills
  • Fluent at speaking and writing skills in English and Spanish
  • Skilled with the use of computer techniques like Word perfect, Dos and Lotus1-2-3

Career experiences:

2004 to present:

Assistant to Manager with Alpine Trough, Texas

  • Helped in customer services and balancing the receipts of every night

2001 to 2004:

Worked as Instructor in Finance and Accounting with University Of Texas, Georgetown, Texas

  • Taught and helped the students with lectures on Corporate Finance

1997 to 2001:

Worked as regular Journal and Payroll Bookkeeper with Beeke Associates, Austin, Texas

  • Arranged the data related to payrolls and journals regularly
  • Kept interactive billing schemes, ready accounts receivables and sales modifications.


1994: B.S. In Finance, from University Of New York, Georgetown, NY

1996: MBA in Finance Miami University, Coral Gables, Florida

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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