QA Test Engineer Resume Template

By | February 13, 2013

The job of a QA test engineer, also known as a quality assurance test engineer, primarily concerns the testing of various software systems and other related functional units in a systematic and effective manner so as to assure the maximum possible standard of quality to clients and customers. The resume of such a professional requires clear and complete details of his/her educational as well as professional background. A QA test engineer requires a thorough knowledge of the relative concepts of engineer and the specialized areas of concern, as much as he/she requires skill and expertise to implement the theoretical aspects of QA test engineering into practice. Thus a QA test engineer resume template must underline all these necessary aspects and be presented in an appealing format.

Sample QA Test Engineer Resume Template:


Name of Candidate: ___________________

Mailing Address: _____________________


Contact Details: _____________________

Email Address: ______________________


Personal Information:

D.O.B: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

Gender: _______ [M/F]

Writing abilities:- ___________________________

Speaking skills:- ____________________________

Observatory skills:- _________________________

Practical knowledge and application of theories:- _________________________________

Communicative skills:- ____________________________

Understanding capacity:- __________________________

Other personal traits: _____________________________

[The above spaces have to be filled up with relevant and genuine information regarding the candidate applying as a QA test engineer]


Professional Companies Worked at:

[Give complete details of work experience, specific duties and responsibilities, services offered, rewards, etc.]

Companies Worked at:              Projects Completed as QA Test Engineer:

__________________                     __________________
__________________                     __________________
__________________                     __________________


QA Test Engineering Skills and Abilities:

  •  ___________________________________
  •  ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________


Specific Areas of Unique Achievements:

  •  ________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________


Educational Qualifications:

[This section must comprise of the correct academic records of the particular candidate, supported with attachments as necessary]

  • Completed High School from ________________________________ with __________ [marks] in the academic year of ________ to ______
  •  Earned Bachelor’s degree in _____________ engineering in the year of ______ to ______ from _________________________________ [name of institute]


Other QA Test Engineering Courses/ Training Programs:



Certifications [with attachments]:





[To be provided on request, obtained from previous work places]


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